Working with clay and porcelain is Sabina's passion.

Her goal is always to find boundaries with materials and firing techniques, with surfaces and expression, to experiment and to learn by trial and error.

So the question "What is or what happens if..." is her incentive to find her own way.

She gets her inspirations form words, myth, fairytales, words, thoughts and feelings who creates imaginations but also from nature. After scetching and writing all these ideas, often they need time to mature - at once they come back in mind, sometimes in combinations who she is never thinking about before. Mostly during working on well known techniques in a meditative way the question " What is or what happens if..." appears and create new sights, new experiments and new works.

Reflecting about archtypes and its antagonists is also helpful to play with colours, surfaces and firing techniques and to create contrasts and tension or to find the most possible unity in a work.